“We’ll see what we see when we get there.”

📰 About

Welcome to A-TEMP® Studio, the art and design practice of William W. Marx. While we don’t intend to either describe or explain the things we make, we do seek to be as open as possible about our studio’s infrastructure and operation.

🏛️ Separation of Powers

Rrose Enterprises

The aesthetic is a loaded weapon — wielding it requires respect and care. This is the undertaking of Rrose Enterprises, A-TEMP® Studio’s and William W. Marx’s personal art practice. Specializing in bricolage, we work across media… wherever the ideas take us.

Something’s Missing, LLC

We believe the pinnacle of creation is collaboration. To successfully work with others in creating things better than could be done individually is what separates us from the cows in the field. All design work and work for others falls under this umbrella.

Turing Time Technologies

Machines enable much of what we do. They expand our ability to connect to each other. The people that work most with them, though, often spread the virus that is perceived obsolescence. T³ is our response to this — smart technology that doesn’t hide its humanity.

A-TEMP®️ Logistics

We strive to maximally eliminate the friction from idea to object and object to audience. Logistics are hard and often inglorious, but when done right are a thing of beauty. As a rule of thumb, when undertaking any logistical operation we act as if we are Jeff Bezos, though without the small dick complex that drives him to assholish behavior.

Full Court Press

To compliment our publishing house, we run a small print production operation tasked with making all studio books and zines.

A-TEMP®️ Publishing

The great writers of history’s command of their medium inspires us to achieve parallel mastery in all we do. Naturally, as a tribute to those — like Borges — who wind back metaphor to their earliest instantiations, we maintain an in-house publishing operation to distribute all text pertaining to the objects we make.

Optimistic Optics & Co.

Though we don’t believe in intellectual property, we do benefit from it. As such, It’s important for us to maintain and license images of our work for use by others.

A-TEMP®️ Communications

Our work is not created in a vacuum. Though we eschew explanations, dialogue is our governing benchmark of success. A-TEMP® Communications exists solely to facilitate conversations about our work.

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